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Employee Rights to Documents and Records

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Employee Rights to Documents and

You have the right to receive copies of written information
about hazards in your workplace.
Exposure Records and Medical Records: You may access
exposure records that show your own exposure to toxic
substances and harmful physical agents as well as exposures
to other employees doing similar work. Your employer must
provide you the records within 15 days after receiving your
written request. Exposure records include environmental
workplace monitoring, biological monitoring results, and
safety data sheets. You may access medical records if you
are the subject of the records or have the subject’s written
consent. Medical records include medical questionnaires
and histories, examination results, medical opinions and
diagnoses, descriptions of treatment and prescriptions, first
aid reports, and employee medical complaints.
Safety Data Sheets: These sheets contain information about
hazardous chemicals in your workplace. Your employer must
keep these sheets readily accessible and must provide them
to you upon request. Electronic access is allowed as long as
there are no barriers to immediate access.
Records of Occupational Injury or Illness: You have the
right to receive copies of the following records: Log of WorkRelated
Injuries and Illnesses (Form 300); Annual Summary
of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (Form 300A); and
Injury and Illness Incident Report (Form 301) describing an
injury or illness that happened to you. In most industries,
your employer must provide you copies by the end of the
next business day.
Written Health and Safety Plans: You have the right
to review your employer’s written plans for certain Cal/
OSHA-required programs, such as hazard communication,
respiratory protection, and permit-required confined space
entry procedures.


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