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Prevention, & Inspection of Cal/OSHA

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Requirements for an employer’s injury and
illness prevention program

All California employers must create and carry out an
effective program to meet the requirements of Cal/OSHA’s
Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) regulation.
The employer’s IIPP must be in writing and must specify in
concrete terms the employer’s ongoing activities in each of
the following areas:
Responsibility: Name or job title of the person or persons
authorized and responsible for implementing the program.
Compliance: Written system for ensuring compliance
with safe and healthy work practices.
Communication: System for communicating in a form
readily understandable by employees about safety and
health matters. This can include meetings, trainings,
postings, written communications, and a labor-management
safety and health committee. Employers must encourage
employees to report hazards without fear of reprisal.
An employer using a labor-management committee to
communicate health and safety matters with employees
must meet certain requirements specified in the IIPP
Hazard Assessment: Procedures for identifying
and evaluating workplace hazards, including
periodic inspections.

Accident or Exposure Investigation: Procedure for
investigating occupational injuries and illnesses.
Hazard Correction: Methods and procedures to
correct unsafe or unhealthy working conditions in a
timely manner.
Training and Instruction: Effective program for
instructing employees on general safe work practices
and hazards specific to each job assignment, in a
language that the employees can understand.
Recordkeeping: Written documentation of the steps
taken by the employer to establish and implement
the IIPP.

Cal/OSHA investigates complaints of hazards in different
ways. Sometimes, the fastest and most effective way is for
Cal/OSHA to notify the employer and require the employer
to correct the hazard. Other times, Cal/OSHA conducts an
on-site inspection.

On-site inspection
When Cal/OSHA conducts an on-site inspection, the
inspector arrives without advance notice.
• Upon arrival, the inspector holds an opening conference
with the employer and union (if there is one) to explain
the purpose of the inspection and how it will be
• The inspector walks around the site, observes hazards,
interviews employees and supervisors, reviews written
records, and takes measurements and photographs as
• A representative of the employer and a representative
authorized by the employees may walk around with the
• You have the right to be interviewed in private without
the employer present. The Cal/OSHA inspector will make
every effort to arrange for interpreter services if needed.
• You may ask the inspector to give you his or her business
card so you can contact the inspector away from your job.
• The inspector may visit the site again to collect
further information, especially if the inspector needs to
speak with employees who were not available during the
first visit.

After the inspection:
Information that Cal/OSHA collects during the inspection
may show that your employer violated health and safety
requirements. If this happens, one or more citations will
be issued to your employer. Cal/OSHA issues citations to
employers only, not to employees. If you gave your contact
information when you filed the complaint, Cal/OSHA will
send you a letter describing the results of the inspection.
Your employer must “abate,” or correct, the violations by a
specified deadline. You may contest the abatement date by
filing an appeal 15 days after the citations are issued. But if
the employer appeals a citation, abatement may not happen
until after the appeal is resolved. You may participate in
any appeal filed by the employer by filing a motion to be
added as a party in the appeal process. In any case where
Cal/OSHA issues citations, the employer must post in the
workplace a copy of the citations, a description of how the
hazards have been corrected, and a copy of any appeal that
is filed. You may also call Cal/OSHA to request a copy of the
results of the inspection, including any citations.

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