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Benefits of Prevention

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Benefits of prevention

According to the Health and Safety Executive, employers who implement suitable measures to prevent accidents in the workplace could reap a number of benefits. As well as reducing the number of injuries at work, managers could also:

Be less likely to suffer legal action
Acquire a better reputation amongst partners, investors, customers and suppliers
Have employees who feel more motivated, demonstrating greater productivity
Reduce costs
Have reduced employee turnover and absence rates. It has been reported that over 2,000,000 working days each year are lost due to handling accidents and slips and trips alone.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie, year 2009, David Holmes, a stuntman, paralysed after getting blown by explosion, suffered impact to a wall .

Transformers:Dark of the Moon, year 2010, a stuntwoman suffered brain damage after her car was hit by a cable then crash to central barrier .

The Expendables 2, year 2011, Kun Lieu, stuntman, died because of accidental explosion during filming.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie, year 2015, Olivia Jackson, stuntwoman, had her arm amputated after her motorbike crashed to a metal camera arm during high-speed chase .

Midnight Rider movie, 20 February 2014, camera assistant, Sarah Jones, died after getting hit by CSX freight train during filming 

The Dark Knight movie, year 2007, cameraman Conway Wickliffe died when his car crashed to a tree while following a stunt car batmobile 

Steep video game, 18 July 2016, free-skier, Matilda Hargin née Rapaport died from an avalanche while filming an advertisement

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