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Powerful Career Strategies for Women: 11 Top Tips for Advancement 3

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7. Be persistent

Don’t give up, if you really want that job or promotion. Sometimes things don’t happen as fast as we’d like but once you’ve set yourself a goal, be single minded about it. Write down your goals, review them regularly and get support to achieve them. I have noticed I was procrastinating on creating my online course as I felt too overwhelmed. Since I’ve hired a coach, the progress was significantly faster and my course is almost complete!

Also, make sure your manager knows what your professional goals are so tell them what you’d like to achieve and ask for any feedback/support if necessary.

8. Be someone people want to work with

If you do a bit more than what’s expected of you, you will often be recognized. Also, always behave with integrity and kindness – don’t ever be bitchy at work. You could be the most qualified person but if people don’t trust you, or you’re not likeable, it will be hard for you to achieve your career goals.

9. Plan your career

Career planning is an important career advice for women who might have more twists and turns in their career than men e.g due to taking time off to raise family. Having career goals will not only will it allow you to track your progress, but it will allow you to make alterations if your circumstances change.

10. Find a mentor

The majority of women who have succeeded in their careers and reached position of influence credit their participation in some sort of mentoring effort for getting them where they are today. Many organizations have women’s initiatives and networks and while they do provide support, women still represent only 25 percent of senior roles globally, and it’s the men who are the decision makers which has significant implications for female leaders.

The best mentors are often senior women that you establish a relationship with and then they end up being a sounding board for you. Put yourself out there and get to know senior women in your organization and if they reciprocate your interest, you can then build the relationship like you would any other relationship.

11. Self-promote

A lot of women feel uncomfortable talking about their accomplishments. However, if nobody apart from people you work closely with knows about your contributions, you’re in a more vulnerable position in case of any organizational changes.

If self-promotion doesn’t come naturally to you, there are other ways to show your areas of expertise. In most organizations, there are ways that you can you demonstrate your knowledge. It might be as simple as sending a monthly email to your boss and his/her boss to keep them updated on progress of various projects and any accomplishments.

It’s not easy always to navigate the professional world as a woman but with LiveCareer’s resources you will be a force to be reckoned with.

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