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  1. Transcription engulfs a broad concept of something being converted into written format. Transcription not only includes converting a spoken message into written text, but also incorporates the concept of converting handwritten, printed, or scribbled script into a digitalized format. The method employed during such conversions is known as document transcription. Here are some benefits of getting your documents transcribed: Indexing and searching: This goes without saying; the handwritten and printed text is non-indexable, non-searchable (at least by computers). Document transcription is a way to ensure that contracts and legal credentials are written accurately. Such documents can be edited, saved, emailed, converted and copied. Search engine optimization: Books and printed journals can be transcribed and uploaded online such that it can be easily searched by search engines. This helps in building an audience base and helps provide better outreach. Helps save money: Digitalized documents end up occupying less physical as well as less disk space. This will help in saving money in record-keeping and storage. This is an effective way of digitalizing old medical records for research purposes. Here are some documents needing to be transcribed: Handwritten notes, pdf Contracts, reports, agreements, and declarations Faxes, letters, and manuals Hearings, and instructions Questionnaires, and forms Books, and old manuscripts Patient history, operative records, discharge summaries Why should you choose document transcription services every time you transcribe? Convenience: Transcribing from a photo or fax is the most boring ordeal that some of us have had a chance to experience. If you haven’t, hear it from us - it is time-consuming, raw, with no amusement in between. A solution for such humdrumness is at your mouse click exclusively with online transcription services. Get your documents transcribed just by sending a mail to online document transcription . Professional transcribers and accuracy: AI transcription offers accuracy around 80-90%, while accuracy for professional human transcribers hovers at 98-99%. Online transcription services recognizing the need for accuracy, especially with medico-legal documents offers professional transcribers at the click of your mouse button. This “human touch” – followed by QC – is the best way to get your documents accurately transcribed. Medical and legal transcribers call transcription service providers their “professional home” – ensuring what you get is professional, accurate, with full maintenance of your confidentiality. Meeting deadlines – Since the process is online, your projects can be divided into several different professional transcribers and combined later to provide an output that meets a narrow deadline. Instant transcription services are in offer by several online services to cater to your need of deadlines. How to choose online document transcription services: Look for the following quality in transcription services: 1. Ensure accuracy and quality offered – 98-99% is the industry standard. Be on a lookout for that. 2. Professional transcribers – As mentioned previously look for transcription services that employ professional (medical, or legal, or industry-specific) transcribers for transcription. 3. Convenience – For convenience answer always, and we say always, lies in online services. 4. Confidentiality of your documents 5. Rates for transcription 6. Customer reviews and work samples – Which are usually included in the transcription services website 7. Support for global languages 8. Support for professional industry-specific transcription 9. Turnaround time
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