Secure messaging for Looked After Call

Looked After Call is designed to support virtual schools and stakeholders in the care and protection of looked after children. With the help of our customers, we’re keen to adapt and develop the platform to continue meeting your needs. Staying up to date with the latest challenges facing virtual schools ensures we are well placed […]

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We Need More Girls in STEM!

girls in STEM

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – why is it the world of men? Truth is, we need more girls in STEM! Worldwide, STEM jobs are dominated by men, but this is not because they are better! It is because girls don’t get pushed into STEM as much as boys do, and that leads to a shortage of women further down the line. There are many studies available online to show that men dominate STEM jobs… In the US: Women remain underrepresented in engineering (14%), computer (25%), and physical science (39%) occupations. In the UK: In 2018 only 12% of engineers […]

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