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Capsule and the Gemini Integration as a Service Platform at a glance.

Nimbleness is often the gap in healthcare data strategies.

It has never been more important to have nimble data tools at the core of your health technology and information exchange stack.

Many of our clients are asking important questions right now related to the COVID-19 outbreak as part of their disease surveillance efforts. “When did we see an uptick in non-influenza related fever, upper respiratory symptoms and pneumonia?”

Health Information Exchanges (HIE) and healthcare data informatics leaders know this data exists. In fact, billions of healthcare messages and documents flow between hospitals, providers, health systems and health information exchanges each year. While electronic health records (EHRs) seem to be a likely place to look for such information, in many cases a single EHR implementation does not provide a broad enough perspective. And many organizations have analytics tools available, but they often lack the right data, especially when something new or unexpected emerges. Community wide clinical repositories are also available in some areas, but what happens when they aren’t designed to capture
the data pertinent to a specific emerging medical scenario?

The key to answering time sensitive questions about patient populations is to look
broadly across a healthcare community with a flexible data inspection tool. That’s where Zen’s Capsule solution comes to the rescue.

Capsule helps us prepare for the future

Capsule is an innovative data management tool specifically designed to intelligently apply metadata tags to all clinical messages sent or received by a healthcare organization or HIE while also providing a long-term message archiving solution.

Informatics and medical leaders use data tags to query and compile all messages — new and old — that contain critical clinical data elements. All applicable messages with the tags are instantly surfaced in a “data capsule” that can then be leveraged by existing analytics platforms – arming decision makers with insights they would normally be unable to gather.

A component of one of the fastest growing integration as a service (IaaS) solutions for healthcare called Gemini, Capsule leverages a FHIR data model and the decades of expertise the Zen team brings in working with a wide variety of clinical messages: HL7v2, CCD, CCDA, claims, etc.

How does Capsule help prepare for the future? Let’s take the current COVID-19
situation as an example. With Capsule, Zen clients would have the ability to look back to November 2019, when we know the virus first appeared in China. How many patients presented with such symptoms in November, December, or January with what appeared to be simple flu or cold symptoms? Would your current message archives (if they exist) be able to look back across the messages to find embedded clinical data matching the symptom complex tied to COVID-19? Capsule will make it possible and relatively simple for healthcare organizations to gain access to these types of insights.

Steps healthcare organizations can take today

It is the perfect time for healthcare organizations to take advantage of Capsule for your smart message archiving needs. Take these three easy steps to get started.

1. Step 1 — Contact Zen for a free consultation. Click here to pick a day and time to an assessment with the engineering team.

2. Step 2 — We’ll work with you to identify your data types and current needs for data tagging.

3. Step 3 — We’ll implement Capsule on all your messages by directing your data
feeds through your Gemini Integration as a Service platform. And new data tags
can be added as your needs evolve over time. It’s about being nimble and
future-proofing your data archiving strategy.

The Zen engineering team is ready to answer your questions about Capsule and the Gemini Integration as a Service platform. Schedule an engineering consult or contact the interoperability hotline at (949) 396-0361.

Contact: Dominic Sanchez
Marketing Manager
(813) 591-5410

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