Feb 7, Morning Routine Helps

by Debbi

I used to have extreme anxiety in the mornings and it stayed with me until later in the day. I will share with you what helped me.

I started a routine in the morning. I did the exact same thing every morning and pretty soon, the anxiety started to fade, and now mornings are my most relaxing part of the day.

My routine, is that I wake up and I read right while I am still in bed. I have what I am going to read already picked out, but it is always something comforting. If you are religious, it could be the scriptures. Or if you are into poetry, it could be something from your favorite poet. Or if there is an author that you like, anyway…. I also play some soft instrumental music in the background.

Then I write down three things that I am grateful for. I try to make them different things. And then I truly feel the gratitude in my soul.

Then I have a yoga cd that I put in my tv and I do some relaxing yoga.

Then I shower, get dressed, have some breakfast. I also open up the curtains and let the sunshine in.

You could have any routine that works for you, but pick things that are calming/and or uplifting and do the exact same thing every day. At first I had anxiety while I was doing my routine, but it slowly transformed to a peaceful morning. It works for me. Anxiety is mostly in your thoughts. So when you can change your thoughts from worry, to something pleasant, it work wonders. That’s why gratitude works.

Another thing that I was taught to do that works for me, is when I am having anxiety, I breathe deeply and say to myself, “I am safe, I am safe.” And it helps me alot.

Good luck to you. I think as you get a routine going, you will find that you love retirement and you will love your new life.

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