Feb 4, Admitting you need to change things

by Sue/ Carolinas


I have some thoughts from my situation and experience which might be helpful. I divorced and soon after moved to a very different way of life. I moved from a medium sized city to a small home that I could afford near a lake. I live alone there, and after two years trying to build activities and a satisfying life, I decided to sell my house.

I do have a very few good friends there, but I learned more about what activities I really do like that I cannot do there, so I am going to where I can do those things.

Mainly as a single (alone) person, I need to combine my interests–birdwatching, libraries and public speakers, watching college sports live on campuses, learning new crafts with a teacher or workshop, swimming, historical reenactment groups–with a local group or club that brings me together with like-minded people. So I picked a city with those clubs and amenities.

I will not own a house again, I will adjust to apartment living with my cat.

I have no grandkids and my sons live far away, but I am happy in my own life. Be sure wherever you go that you can stay content and healthy without money fears, whatever your family members may do.

Hope this helps,


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