Beauty is Where You Choose To See It

Well that’s boring.  How mundane.  Why post a picture like that?  There’s no fire in the sky.  No golden-apricot cotton candy tufts.  No pink-purple-blue stripes.  It’s just a plain, average, grey shot of the lake.  Big deal.  That’s stupid, and it’s a stupid thing to “like”.

Can you look into the mundane and see the deeper beauty within?   Notice the gentle waves rolling, disrupting the perfect glass.  Or the red buoy, the only contrasting color floating calmly, like a child’s ball drifting in the mild current.

Allow the chatter to dissolve into silence.  Let the mind relax and let the eyes take in the richness of not just the greys but the subtle blues, even the barely there pink band that stretches across the sky.

Or maybe this view is energizing, exciting.  Maybe you see how the storm is enveloping you, preparing for what we all hope- feet of fresh powder.

Remember that just past the blanket of clouds that is here, in this moment called “today”, the sun is bright and warm, casting its golden rays to the edges of the horizon and beyond.

There is beauty living beneath the surface of the plain, the average.  It’s there, in all of us.  We just have to allow our selves to see it.

About The Author

Dani is a mountain dweller residing at beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.  She’s into yoga, photography, and making the world a better place.  

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