Jan 30, My New Job: My Health

by David/Timberlakes UT

I have been retired since last Feb 2018, at 65. I understand what you are feeling. It’s cold here and the hills we live on are slippery in the winter.

In April last year I developed lung/heart issues while getting started on biking several days a week. I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension, with 3 chronic blood clots in my lungs that constrict my use of oxygen by 25%. (and we live at 7500 feet elevation).

That’s when I decided to get serious, and instead of taking it easy, make my health my “new job.”

Since then I’ve ridden over 2000 miles (on an inexpensive trainer after November), and walked our mountain hills a couple times a week. I have sharp cleats for walking on the snow and ice.

I’m not sure my PH has gotten any better, but I’m losing weight and feeling much stronger. My goal this year is to ride RAGBRAI, the 450 mile bike ride across Iowa in late July, with my 3 sons. My latest goal.

Most of all, my mind isn’t going bananas. I spend most of the day on the internet learning and researching. I do feel like I’ll do something outside the house later. I’ve had job offers that anyone could do (hardware store, etc), and when I do decide to spend time that way, it will be something part-time and simple. No take-home stress.

If I had any recommendations, it would be to recognize that this is an opportunity to protect your body by getting stronger, in better shape, and not let anything stop you. But not many seniors go this direction (gotta be a bit of a rebel).

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