Please give me thoughts as to whether I should retire.

I only worked 2-3 days a week from home. My job was once my hobby so I enjoyed it, but not the stress that comes from turning a hobby into a job. To make it even better, I was paid a six figure full time salary and 25% of the net profits. I was vital to the company keeping their largest contract.

However I lost my ambition. I was being asked to get involved in projects whose completion was beyond the time I was willing to keep working. There were 5 and 10 year plans and I was thinking of working only 3 more years to age 70. I had told my boss I was retiring twice before in the pass but she threw money and less working hours at me to keep me onboard.

Two things made up my mind. My old work buddies were all gone, replaced by young kids who felt it was OK to call in sick because they drank too much or met a girl or guy and were up all night having sex. The other thing was my dad died and left me enough to retire on. That was enough for me.

Let me tell you now, retiring is like hitting the lottery. I wake up each day with nothing to do but what I want to do. No set time to go to sleep or wake up. No more stress over deadlines or staffing problems. Now I have nightmares about working again.

I thought I would miss work, but not a bit. Only weird thing is that around here in my retirement community there is no difference between any of the days. Everyone is retired and one day is just like the next. Feels great to not have to worry about deadlines, losing contracts or being dependent on the future of my company. I have had 6 companies I work or go under during recessions and for other reasons. Now as long as I get my Medicare, Social Security which I maxed out so between my wife and I we cover all fixed costs, my 401k and Bank CDs at 3.2% interest, we do quite well.

I should mention that 9 years ago we downsized. Sold big expensive house and paid cash for smaller house. Went down to one car and paid off all debt. Should have retired sooner.

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