Jan 28, Not sure what is wrong with me

by Ira
(New Jersey)

Retired about 7 months ago after 30 years in tax department at CPA firm… 20 at last one. Retired because of anxiety disorder, depression I couldn’t overcome. Performance dropped seriously.

I turned 63 this past November. I still have trouble sleeping and toss around either anxiety. My routine is taking a martial arts class twice a week for an hour, rest, go to gym for another hour or so those days, spend maybe hour or so re-learning Word. Will start on Excel after that. Other two days I volunteer at a Nature Center doing data input for about 4 -5 hours twice a week.

I continuously wake up with extreme anxiety that lasts for a couple of hours in morning. Afternoons seem to be better and evenings are fine.

What the hell is wrong with me. I take depression medication once a day and Xanax as needed.

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