Jan 21, Get Better? Not. Retirement Stinks!

by Doris, SC

I retired three years ago from a great job in NYC with firecracker dreams that have fizzled.

Love the outdoors and could not wait til I left NY to get outdoors. I followed my son to SC after his job transfer, built a beautiful new little house. Initially, it was great. I felt I could exhale after a high pressure job.

I’m finding after three years it is getting worse. I have become nothing but a couch potato. I bought a small mobile home a year ago and I do all the repairs and work on it myself, but go nowhere. My grandkids here are getting older and I see them less and less. I did the gym thing, etc., and find that boring. I have made no friends here except for a few neighbors who are all married. I am a single woman. I am nothing more than a convenience to watch their dog, or get invitations while husbands are away.

After three years, I am done. I feel I gave it a shot. My son in Northern California and his wife are expecting a baby and he has asked me to move there. I could be useful in helping them out.

I love nor cal and realize my standard of living will decline but I am seriously considering putting this house on the market, packing up the motor home and driving west – alone with my cameras. I think I need the challenge or I’ll be dead within a year.

Asked myself where I see myself in two years and I do not want to be here.

Thoughts, anyone? Retirement stinks.

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