Explaining a termination

Bottom line up front- I was terminated from my last job for unsatisfactory work performance.

The key ingredient to that was my reluctance and ultimate delay in terminating several workers below me who I wanted to retain. My senior took a more, if you don’t do it, I’ll find someone who will approach.

Last week I moved through a phone interview with a recruiter where even though my application showed the end date of my employment, he did not ask why I was not with the company.

I now have another interview with a general manager for the company this week. Several previous interviews have left me grasping at straws in how to explain getting terminated. Admittedly, I was not honest in two of those and explained I left for family reasons which were now over with. I realize that even if I was believed, that the explanation I would just up and leave a job would not sit well with employers.

In my honest explanations I haven’t fared any better. I realize it relies on delicate wording in order to not seem resentful or that I am avoiding accountability. I’ve told interviewers I do realize what went wrong, and what I learned but it still seems to come across unsatisfactory.

A recruiter told me in a personal conversation to just say that I was let go during consolidation of business operations but that just sounds so generic besides being untruthful.

At this point I’m unsure if I should just cross off this career field.

The best conversation I’ve had in an interview was when I was able to slide in the info that despite being terminated, it was a high turnover position, and after two years I was the fourth most senior person in my position out of about 40 peers, and that I believed my resilience led me sticking with it rather than resigning like many others had.

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