Was this a weird group interview or common?

I applied for a staff position at a for-profit college two weeks ago. The director of the department invited me to a group interview days after submitting an application.

There were about 8 applicants, the director, and one of her coworkers. She said that they invite all of their applicants to one of these “group interviews” where they gave a 30 minute presentation about their college/department that was basically the same as the job description posted online.

Afterwards, they asked candidates that were still interested to stand up and talk about themselves for a few minutes. Particularly, our current/most recent employment experiences, why we’d be best for the position, and our greatest achievement.

Then we filled out a sheet with our potential start date, how bad we want the job from 1-10, and anything else that makes us a good fit for the position… Seemed a lot like they wanted us to write a cover letter on the spot, even though we already submitted cover letters and resumes with the application.

They said they’d reach out to people they’d like to interview one-on-one via phone and reach out to the rest via email if they were not chosen, within one week. It’s been almost two weeks and I’ve received neither, but they re-posted the position yesterday.

I’m new to the interview process and am wondering is this a norm that I should better prepare for, or is this uncommon?

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