“Why are you leaving your current role?”

Always stumble on questions like this, and now that I have an interview coming up, would like to nip it in the bud.

Personally, I like my job. My managers are good, and career progression is decent. What I don’t like is the industry and the fact that the company tends to pay below market. Tbh, I wouldn’t leave if I was paid more.

So I want to leave purely to make more money, and jump into an industry which I have a passion for. The role I’m being offered is literally a 35% pay rise at a top company.

How do I essentially say that this is simply too good an opportunity to pass up, and the major driving factor for leaving is the salary? I feel like saying “you guys pay more” is a poor response. I also don’t feel like saying “looking for a new challenge” as it implies I get bored easily.

How would you frame your response for this question?

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