Jan 16, Adjusting to a New Reality

by Tim C
(Orange County, CA)

Retired at the end of December after 31 years with local government. I’m 58 and wanted to stick it out to 60 but things just got too crazy.

I left some great friends but don’t want to be one of those guys who keep coming back “just to say hi” and annoy my former co-workers while they’re trying to get work done. I kept saying they’ll forget I ever worked there three weeks after I left, but now the reality of that is setting in. My wife is four years younger and won’t retire for another two or three years.

On the other hand, being retired means I’m less tied down and have a great potential opportunity out of state. Just knowing I’m being considered assured me I still have valuable skills someone could use. I haven’t interviewed in ages so I’m really brushing up on my skills and learning all I can about the new organization.

In the meantime I’m doing a darn nice job keeping the house clean.

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