Jan 12, Bored

I am up in Canada it is cold up here in the winter.
Normally we had south for the winter Florida, this I the first winter I have had to be home.

I cannot believe how bored I am! I am such a social guy wicket sense of humor . What I miss is people. I feel so isolated. In Florida I ran the shuffleboard . Was the bingo caller , played darts. Was so active, switch me here to Canada, stuck in the house the whole winter .

I have been retired for about 7 years now . Every year in Florida kept busy outside. this is all new what I am learning being here for the winter . I have looked up the seniors centre in my area I took a tour . Right now it is just not for me, maybe I would give it a second chance I do not know . I thought of volunteering at the hospital but they want criminal back ground check and health check at a cost to yourself . so I said no thanks . And I have read many stories on here mine is a bit different .

I am 63 years old male, no family really to speak of, no kids, not married, no friends, lonely life. And there is more I cannot get out most days do to and illness that keeps me in during the early morning and early afternoon. I am better by later afternoon So the programs at senior center are mostly mornings . As I run into everything like this about any thing I want to do . I have a lot of energy and very mobile. I go for walks and try to get out at least once a day in my car. But the first couple of weeks of the winter I was in a deep depression just to many things. I good not deal with but now things are better but still bored .

The only one thing that have been thinking about is a dog. I am on a set income so the cost of owning not sure that would be the right thing. So totally lost wish there was a group here I could meet for coffee 2 times a week something . but so far in all my searching found nothing .

I can relate to every one here it sucks . People who have family and kids can keep busy with just family or friends . Some of us who have posted on here do not have either so once you retire can be a lonely life.

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