Feel like the large tech company I interviewed at may be stringing me along?

Hello Reddit,

I wanted to get some outside advice to see if I’m getting ‘punked’ by this large tech company.


I had a phone screen with the recruiter of the large tech company back in October. This is a Fortune 500 company, and I do have close friends working there. The recruiter said I was perfect for a position she had available and handed my resume over to the hiring manager. About three weeks later, the hiring manager spoke with me over the phone, she said I was perfect and wanted me to come in for a in person. Went in for two rounds of interviews in mid/end of November, met with the team, higher ups on the team and met the hiring manager – everything went well and everyone liked me. I killed the interview. The hiring manager and HR made it clear that there was (potentially) one more person that they wanted me to meet and that the team was going through a transition, so things may be slower than expected. I thought, “fine – it’s close to the holidays, I understand big tech companies can be slow”. I didn’t expect anything major until after the holidays (even though I hoped it would).

Since then, HR has been really great with their communication, giving me weekly updates as to where the job posting is and that they’re very positive about my candidacy. However, there hasn’t really been any “needle shifting” events since November, just emails saying “I don’t have very much to update, but we’re still very interested” or “XYZ is happening, but we’re still very interested” etc. I understand that holidays can shut everything down, and people go on break, but I feel like I’m getting strung along.

This company is infamous for it’s long wait times for candidates – ie 2+ months for even an offer when the holidays aren’t impacting the process.


I feel like my chances at this large tech company are now zero and I should just move on, without putting much emotional thought in it.

I’m still applying for other jobs, and I’m working towards a promotion at the job I have now, so I’m not shut in the dark. I’m just frustrated and I would like outside perspective.

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