When to tell work you’re pregnant

Hey moms! Upcoming dad here, my wife doesn’t have reddit and she asked me something I have no experience answering. First child coming in June, she works for a very large and popular retailer in HR as a coordinator. She’s on a stretch assignment that she’s kicking ass at and wants to make permanent, but isn’t sure when to tell her boss. She works for a man but it’s a female clothing retailer that I actually used to work for as well. She (and myself really) are worried if she announces she’s pregnant then it’ll affect their decision on whether or not to retain her. She also still technically reports to a different department since this is only a “temporary” position so she doesn’t know who to tell first. I recommended my wife to this company because I know she has elite organizational skills and will kick ass, and so far she’s received awesome feedback to the point everything she hears points to her being kept on. She’s been told she’ll hear her status update at the end of January. Should she hold off on announcing until then? Any help would be appreciated! And if there’s any other subreddits I could ask please let me know!

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