Extended Maternity Leave Guilt?

Long time lurker, first time poster – but I feel like I need either a sanity check, or to be talked off the ledge.

My last day of work is this Friday, with my due date mid-next week. My company offers 16 weeks of leave, which puts me returning first week of May. However, I’ve had some thoughts since my initial count, and want to tack on a couple of weeks of vacation to have me returning the Wednesday after Memorial Day, hopefully having an easier transition with a mid-week start.

I’m feeling extremely guilty a) because the leave policy is pretty generous to begin with, b) I just started this job in early 2018, and c) I’m just generally wired put work first and overly worry about perception – taking off this kind of time is unheard of in my workaholic brain.

But in the back of my head, this new voice is emerging – one saying that I will never get this time back with my amazing little human, work will always be there/can wait, she won’t be little forever, etc.

So am I wrong for wanting to extend my already long leave? Or is my newfound intuition onto something? I’m hoping I can get some realistic feedback, support, and/or tough love on something that hopefully some other awesome working moms have gone through before. TIA!

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