Jan 4, Working for the company i receive a pension from

by Michael
(New York)

I retired from Company 1 and receive my pension from them. They asked me to come back to consult, but in NYS you can only work 900 hours from a company that you retired from. They needed me full time, so they hired a consulting company, who in turn hired me.

So, I actually work for Company 2, the consulting company, and they provide the service to company 1; So I actually do not work for company 1, the company I retired from, on the books I work for company 2, the consulting company…they pay me…..the work I do is directly for company 1. This has been a practice for years to legally circumvent the 900 hour law.

Now company 1 is saying the 900 hour law applies to me, even though I technically work for company 2. Any thoughts?

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