Jan 4, Security: Any ideas?

by Linda
(Eagle Grove, Iowa)

Someone felt the need to try to break into my small garage door while I was off visiting my sisters. Only the padlock held them out. I thank the Lord for that one but they broke my deadbolt and the door handle. I have no idea how to fix the door to keep them out. I was thinking of just covering it over and wait till Spring. Does anyone out there have an ideas on what I can do?

The people are climbing over a 6 foot fence to get to that door and its a wooden fence so the police can’t see through it from the road. I am going to get a dog or a pup am thinking a pup will work better for he will have to get along with my two house cats. Hoping for one that barks too.

Anyway I did nail the door shut, using long roofing nails for that was all I could find. I still wonder if covering the door up from the outside isn’t the way to go. There is a new packing plant about to open here and so comes the people with it. Some are ok, others not so much.

But I can’t move so I must learn to live in my house. People around me think I am a easy mark because I have white hair and am retired. But really I am not easy anyway.

But thanks to all who might give me an idea of what to do with this door. Its a small one that a person can walk through and I don’t have a lot of money to do a lot. But can do some.

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