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After an in-person interview with the hiring manager and a panel of five people that went well, I sent my references. Two days later, the hiring manager emailed me “Please let me know your availability to jump on a brief call tomorrow, thanks”.

From previous experience, a call is generally a good sign as all rejection I’ve received to date has been via email. Any ideas from recruiters or anyone else what this could mean?

For context, the company is a small tech startup, and the hiring manager is ~50s.

Could be follow up questions the panel had after reviewing your interview. In my experience I’ve never had an email or call preceding the “you’re hired” call/email.

Maybe a salary negotiation conversation. They are thinking about moving forward, but are unsure if you would accept at the salary they want to provide. Hopefully, it’s an offer, but I would also double check with yourself and your family your 1. preferred salary, 2. minimum salary you can accept, 3. Other benefits you would need to justify anything below your requirements.

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