Work Travel – Cross Posted

I’ll be traveling for work at the end of the month when my baby will be almost 5 months old. I’ll have a 3 hour flight and leave Thursday late afternoon and return Sunday late afternoon. I’m currently breastfeeding, but I also pump and he’s good with a bottle.

Selfishly I want to take him with me because I will miss him. My sister has offered to come with and watch him while I work. My meetings are in the hotel I’m staying at (from about 8am until 7pm), so I’ll be sneaking away to either pump or nurse. If he stays home, I know he will be fine with his dad and my sister has also offered to help out at home if needed.

I feel like I’ll be anxious over travel either way…with a baby or pumping and bringing back breast milk. Ultimately I want to do what’s best for him. I worry the flight/hotel will stress him out or make him sick, but I worry being without me will upset him or that he won’t want to nurse anymore after I return.

Just wondering what others have done in a similar situation and looking for any advice. Thanks!

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