Dec 25, Bored? Try ACTING!

When I retired at 60, I sat around for 4 years, before I got really bored. I decided to try acting as a backgound actor in film and TV.

You don’t really have to know how to act. Just show up on time and follow the AD’s ( Assistant Director ) instructions. You get to meet some great people and even see yourself on TV or movies and work with celebrities.

If you live near a big city that makes movies and Tv shows, there are lots of agency’s that would love to hire you. They even pay you and the food is great. One warning, the hours can be long and sometimes you sit in ” background holding ” for a long time, but you get paid for sitting anyway.

It is like a job but a lot more fun and rewarding. After a while, when you get the call to go to work, you feel like you are going to a big family reunion. Give it a try!

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