Next-Gen Care Delivery: Activating Providers, Patients and Payers to Thrive Post-Pandemic

A few months back, when we envisioned the future, the thought of COVID-19, or anything like it, was not in our discussions. But today, the impact this pandemic has had on health, wealth, and well-being is enormous. The American healthcare system was already working to decrease the escalating costs of healthcare when the pandemic struck. … Read More

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Maintain effective password policies

IT departments should implement and maintain effective password policies containing robust user identification and password practices. Millions of users worldwide continue to use 123456 and other easily guessed passwords (see here for 100,000 passwords to avoid). In a 2019 Ponemon study, 69% of respondents shared passwords with work colleagues, and 51% reused an average of five passwords across their business or personal accounts—contrary to best practices.

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Department of Labor Continues to Loosen Restrictions on Calculating Overtime (US)

In what Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia called a step in the US Department of Labor’s (DOL) goal of lessening “unnecessary regulatory burdens” on businesses, on May 20, 2020 the DOL released a final rule regarding the calculation of overtime for salaried non-exempt workers with fluctuating workweeks. The rule change may encourage payment of additional incentive…… Continue Reading

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