I have a second interview coming up on Monday

Hi all,

a couple of days ago, I made a post about what kind of questions I should ask after a first interview.


Yesterday I received a mail saying that I would be getting a second one. I would work in a language teaching company (I don’t know If i am allowed to say the actual name but the initials sound a lot like wall-e plus an s in between), which is why on Monday I will meet with other language instructors. What should I expect ? Also, I intend to ask :

– what the daily routine looks like

– what kind of task I will be expected to do

– what is the pay

– what does the career path inside the company look like

– what kind of situation I should be prepare to face

– “What are the top priorities during the first three months for the person selected for this position ?”

– “Let’s say you hire me. In a year, what kind of metrics would let me know I’ve done a good job before we go into my annual review?”

(BTW I found the last two it in an AskReddit post, got to give credit where credit is due)


Is there anything else I could ask ? Or maybe I shouldn’t ask some of the ones I mentioned above ?

Thanks in advance.

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