I nailed the interview but HR wants a recommendation from my previous employer…. That’s a problem

I’ve been unemployed for 6 months due to medical issue that has since been resolved. I interviewed for a temp job in my field and nailed it. My issue is their HR is requesting a recommendation from my previous employer.

Let me back up. This is a local government job. My previous employer was the same entity just a different department. I resigned from that position due to my medical issue and honestly left them a mess because I couldn’t effectively perform my duties the last month I worked there. My former supervisor holds ill will towards me and has sabotaged a previous job offer due to her bad reference.

I’m thinking about telling the local HR to refer to their own records from headquarters but if they want my old supervisor I’m toast. My replacement threw me under the bus so my supervisor wants nothing to do with me when I’ve tried to make amends.

What do I do? Should I tell them the nature of what happened before I give them the reference? Sorry about asking this but I really want this job

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