Aug 15, Day Planner

by Wee-zer

Are you a person who needs structure in your daily regimen?

Get yourself a daily planner and make up a daily schedule. Write down what you plan to do each day even if it is only a half hour here and there.

Such as:

1. Get up drink some water and get a coffee, 15 minutes
2. Watch morning news for 45 minutes
3. Make breakfast, eat, clean up dishes 30 minutes
4. Take a shower 30 minutes
5. Go out for a walk, 30 minutes
6. Read two chapters in an interesting book 30 minutes
7. Go to store to pick up groceries, 1 hour 15 min
8. Put groceries away, 30 minutes
9. Eat lunch, 30 minutes
10. Take an online course and spend 1 hour studying
11. Free time, play on computer, listen to music 1 hour
12. etc

You get the picture. Use your cell phone as a timer and when time is up, move to the next task.

Use your planner like an appointment book and stick to it like you are ‘at work’. Your time is scheduled and every minute counts. You might feel as if you have control over your day and can focus on things and not be fumbling around all day long.

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