How should I follow-up after Interview 1 month ago?

In early June, I interviewed for a really cool position at a company. I sent my follow-up thank-you e-mails to everyone and heard a few “great meeting you” and then nothing. They said that I’d get a decision in 10 days and a few days after those 10 days, I sent an e-mail to the recruiter asking about the status of the position and reiterating my interest and heard nothing.

A week after contacting the recruiter, my contact at the company (who referred me to the position) told me that no news is good news. It likely means that I haven’t been cut which is because basically everyone has been on PTO and they haven’t made a decision. That was 2 weeks ago…

I still haven’t heard anything – the last time I followed up with the recruiter was almost three weeks ago. Should I follow-up again? I don’t want to seem pushy as I know that even in my office, the head directors have all been on vacation but I do want to express interest in this position as it is really a great fit for me. Would it be better to follow-up with my reference instead? I don’t want to put her in an awkward position if she knows I’m not hired but can’t say anything.


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