Where should I retire?

Where should I retire?

I am looking for ideally the following:

-bigger city (100,000 minimum would be ideal)

-moderate temperatures would be ideal (rain is fine). I really don’t want to see much snow again; if it snows around 5 inches or less per year I could live with that. No super hot weather though.

-no state income tax

-only living on $18,000 US dollars post-tax per year.

I’m trying to Google coldest city/town in Tennessee, Florida, etc. and google map and try to figure it out. Looking at Washington as well but it seems like it snows heavily everywhere there.

Edit: Walla Walla, Washington almost fits the bill from random Googling. 12 inches of snow per year but I might be able to live with that. Population is a bit on the low side though. Houston, Texas rarely gets snow but I never lived in the South and not sure if I would adjust to that heat.

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