May 14, Lost

by Carol, Canada

I did adjust to being off and sort of liked it. Take a lot of naps though and then I get nothing done. Didn’t do much on my list of things to get done yet.

Booked a couple of trips, one to visit my daughter in Ontario, another one to visit my other daughter in the Cayman Islands and also a trip to visit one of my sisters in Arizona.

Sadly I’ve been sick for almost 4 months and I’m a person who rarely gets sick. Can’t get rid of this bronchitis.

Then in February my son died of a fentanyl overdose after years of fighting his addictions. Well that kept me busy and still is, the paperwork never ends it seems. And now I feel even worse. To make matters worse, my husbands daughter also died of an overdose 4 years ago so we are both devastated. It’s all too much.

So I have not had a good retirement so far. I have a house to look after and a dog which does keep me busy. And I did keep my car, after all, need it or I will feel confined at home.

I feel like a broken person though at a time when I only wanted peace and happiness at the end of my life. No child should die before the parent, too much to bear.


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