Immediate Hire Work from Home Jobs

I wanted to talk about immediate hire work from home jobs in today’s post. We don’t always have the luxury of waiting for the perfect job opportunity. Sometimes circumstances force you to take the fastest route to earning some money. It’s not always about building a career when it comes to working. Even though, you might have dreams and goals for a certain job, there are those times in life when you need a job like these. Therefore, I’ve put together this list of companies known for work at home jobs that hire quickly.

Work from home companies known to hiring quickly.

I’ve experienced situations as a stay at home mom when money gets tight. Emergencies like the fridge breaks down or the cat gets sick and I needed to make some money quickly. Or when bills go up but income doesn’t, leaving us with more money going out than what’s coming into the family budget. Like many stay at home moms, I’ve been in that spot. I needed to find a work from home job quickly to make up for these unexpected situations. Here’s a few helpful tips  before we look at the list of immediate hire work from home jobs.

Getting Started Looking for Immediate Hire Work from Home Jobs:

  • Breathe – Sure it sounds like a no-brainer. But, when you’re faced with a need this stressful, you forget to pause and take a few deep breaths to calm  yourself.
  • Evaluate – Look at where your current income is going. Write down all your expenses. Decide which could be reduced and which can not. You might be surprised what a few changes make.
  • Budget – Put together a budget of all your expenses you’re keeping. Put down fixed expenses first. For example: rent, car payment, insurance, utilities. Next budget those flexible expenses like groceries. Look for ways to save as much as possible. Then you can better avoid going in the red while job hunting.
  • Plan – Now that you can see more clearly what expenses you have, you can plan for how much income you need from a work from home job. With smart budget decisions, you’re better at planning what income you need immediately.

Work at Home Jobs That Hire Fast

Amazon Mturk 

Make money online working on HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks). These range from identifying objects in images, transposing info from business cards, short transcription, surveys and more. Pay per HIT starts are .01 cents and up. Some captioning/transcription is much better pay. Plus there’s special qualifications you can gain to work for better paying tasks. Nice for extra money without having to stick to a work schedule. Or, a side hustle to do with children nearby. Plus, because it’s an easy start without experience, it fits well along with the other immediate hire work from home jobs.

American Support

Hires for in and outbound customer service positions. They prefer applicants have 1 year of customer service experience and 6 months of call center experience. Base pay starts at $9 an hour. Agents work 35-40 hours as full-time or 20-25 as part-time.


Search evaluation, language, and micro task positions. Hires worldwide. Search evaluation positions require up to five hours of availability per day Monday through Friday. Web search evaluators must complete a qualification process.

Call Center QA

Hires telephone mystery shoppers. No previous experience needed. Just need great listening and writing skills with attention to details. Pay is $5 per completed mystery shop call (5 to 10 minutes) and a feedback form (a few minutes). They pay 7 business days or less.


Search their job database using keywords “work at home” for immediate openings in select states. Paid training and competitive hourly pay. Fulltime Employment with benefits. Need to type to at least 35 wpm. Training is 5 to 6 weeks and must be 100% present and pass final exam with a 80% score.


Get paid to review and categorize recorded phone calls. Some have reported getting hired the same day or shortly after. Payment is done through PayPal with a $10 minimum. The website FAQ says the pay ranges from $1 to $4.50 per hour depending on skill and accuracy.

Idial U

Earn $300-$1000 per week as a customer service representative calling warm leads. Some people hired have reported their application to hire experience taking less than a week.

Net Transcripts

Hires transcribers that can type 80 wpm with a 98% accuracy. They require a background check. Some positions transcription experience.


Connects 300,000+ Chinese young learners between 4 – 12 years old with thousands of Online Teachers to create an amazing learning environment. Incredible work from home opportunity, working for one of the premier Online English companies in China. The company takes amazing care of their teacher’s and is always on the lookout for great new teachers. Teachers earn between $16-20/hour teaching at Qkids.

Hires for freelance positions including transcription, captioning, subtitling, and translating. Pay is weekly through PayPal. Choose your work schedule and what projects you do. Looking at the transcription and caption jobs, the average pay is $240 a month with top earners making $1500 a month.


Hires seasonal work at home customer service from various states. Work ranges from 20 to 40 hours a week. Job skills are good typing, computer navigation skills, customer service and listening skills. Must be willing to work holidays and extended hours in needed.


Been in business for 30 years  with over 40,000 employees in 17 countries. Customer service positions including bilingual positions. Both US and Canada. Phone, chat and social media customer support. Has been reported to hire in as fast as 3 days.

Working Solutions

Hires customer service employees for inbound and outbound calls. Reported to contact applicants within 1-2 weeks of applying.  Requires customer service experience (call center, retail, or similar). Work at least 20 hours a week.


Tudor English from your home computer to children in China. Pays is $14-22 per hour. Working hours are in 30 min sessions in the early morning and weekend nights.

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