Did i do poorly in this interview?

Had a second round interview at a company

i was utterly exhausted before the interview. I had coffee to perk me up a bit but still fet llike chit.

The interviewer spoke about the role for an hour. I felt like falling asleep . I nodded my head and said “really?” and “wow’ and “that’s interesting” at the right times but my mind was sleepy.

When he asked if i was interested in the role i said it seems really interesting and then i spoke about how the responsibility of the role was something that really interested me. But i didn’t really say this with that much enthusiasm at the time. Then he asked if i had questions and i didn’t really ask many except for i wanted to know the structure of the management, who ran the company etc.

i feel really depressed i should of asked more questions and showed more enuthsaim. i feel so depressed. no job. fucking failure want to die . Another rejction coming up

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