“Why did you leave your last job?” “I was terminated with cause”

The termination was indeed my fault. I caught some employees abusing a referral system at my workplace, earning them more than 50k combined. I do the same job as them, only difference is I’m paid hourly, no commission, unlike them. I was angry to learn that the employees were free to resign without legal action. Out of anger, I attempted to do as they, and take credit for referring two people, using my significant others’ name instead of my own, which would have earned me $500 per referral. The referral never went through, it was never brought up. Confused, I submitted the same paperwork 2 months later, and was thus terminated when I was caught.

This place drained me. It was toxic. My whole social circle was more thankful to hear I no longer worked there. I know that those actions and thoughts are very out of character for me, and I’m normally the “rule follower” type who gets really anxious whenever something strays from the plan. How do I explain this to a future employer who I very much want to work with? Some suggest simply saying the company was not a good fit, others suggest the full truth- but I do not know how to go about with this.

I need serious help, please, I’m very remorseful and I just want to be able to get back on my feet again (it has been 2 weeks since my termination)

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