Breaking into Brewing: Tips for Women Looking to Enter the World of Craft Beer

My goal in life is to “live big” which for me, means doing things despite obstacles and fears, which is how I ended up working in the beer industry. I think most people have a history of thinking about it as a “boys club,” the drink of choice for frat boys and men watching football, but that stereotype is being shaken up, and it is exciting to be a part of that. Every day, women are taking over male-dominated industries, and that includes the field of brewing, which makes sense, because it started as a women’s craft!

Did you know that as early as 1800 B.C., brewing beer was on the list of a woman’s daily chores in several ancient cultures? Somewhere along the line, men were named as the sole beer drinkers and beer brewers, while women became a sales tactic.

Women Drink Beer, Too!

Not anymore! Women drink beer, we love beer, and because of that, the craft beer industry is seeing a new wave of creativity and popularity with a “woman’s touch,” making this quite the empowering field for females in 2019!

I’d love to help other women along their path, and here is some of the top advice I would give:

Have Patience:

Good beer takes time and so does building up a career. I started behind the bar and now work as a brewer, but that didn’t happen overnight. Be patient and you’ll make magic happen – all in due time.

Ask for Help:

At Concrete Beach Brewery, I was able to come on board and really be a hands-on participant in the brewing process. Every question I had, I spoke up and asked, looking to the experts at CBB to help me succeed. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the help of others.

Learn to Challenge the Obstacles:

You’re going to run into obstacles. When you do, look for a way to make them learning experiences. Ask questions and learn new techniques to get through any obstacles in the way. This is also a call back to my previous tip. If you hit a challenge you can’t overcome, don’t give up – ask for help!

Always be proud of what you do:

You’ve broken down barriers for other women looking to enter the industry just by doing what you do. That is so incredibly cool and you should be so very proud of that.

Empowered Women Empower Women:

Throughout the surrounding breweries in Southern Florida, and furthermore the nation, we see more women coming into the industry in brewing, marketing, sales and management – it’s awesome to see strong female leaders supporting other women in the field!

Breaking Into Brewing

Every woman who enters the industry is opening a door to a market that hasn’t always felt open to women and that’s reason enough to celebrate how far things have come. Keep breaking down those barriers ladies and bring on the brews!

This guest post was authored by Alexandra Miranda

Alexandra (Ale) Miranda is a Miami, Florida native who began her career in beer serving at World of Beer and working behind the bar at Concrete Beach Brewery before the science behind it all truly fascinated her. She moved into the position of product assistant at Concrete Beach Brewery and was soon moved to intern brewer and she is now a full time brewer at Concrete Beach. 

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