Struggling with the “personality” part of interviewing

I am a very quiet, mild mannered person and I feel like I lack the personality a lot of companies are looking for. I struggle with social anxiety and it’s so hard to put on this fake persona of being super excited and charismatic during an interview. The reality is that I’m not like that at all and I’m terrible at pretending to be. I’ve had lots of practice but I still feel like I’m coming off boring and robotic.

I don’t know if this is the reason why I have lots of interviews and rarely get offers. I feel like technical questions are very black and white, you either know something or you don’t. I can research the jobs no problem and match them with my qualifications. I’ve also research lots of interpersonal questions and I think I have pretty solid answers. I think ultimately when people have matching qualifications the interviewers goes with their gut feeling.

I work in biotech in San Diego and there is a lot of competition and I need to stand out. I’ve been working temp jobs for the past three years and it’s been financially difficult. I don’t have PTO, vacation, holidays and my health care plan is terrible and expensive. I NEED a permanent job but I have to pass the interview first and I don’t want to settle on another contract because I can’t get offers.

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