Jan 30, Early Retirement Blues

by Alison, NY

It has taken me almost 4 years to learn to slow my pace to that of other retired folks.

I worked three part time jobs the first two years I retired. I could not stand not having a schedule, a routine. I found my fellow retirees who spent so much time on their butts in a chair to be wasting their lives and I am embarrassed to say that I judged them for that.

I am down to one job now and I have found pleasure in small accomplishments and I have given myself permission to move a little slower and to relax a lot more.

My spouse has a disability, and can’t walk well, is very content to spend hours in front of the television. He finds my pace to be manic and is constantly telling me to slow down.

We don’t exactly complement each other.

I joined yoga and an exercise class. I found other women whose company I enjoy and have gone on a couple of trips with them.

It did get my husband off the couch, we did take a trip. Not as good as the trip with my female friends, but he tried…
Give yourself some time…this retirement mode does not suit all of us so perfectly.

Winter is the worst….stuck in the house together.

Spring will be here soon. I hope…..

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