Interview seemed like it was going to end in 15 mins but lasted 45 mins

Ok, so the interview was just boring. One minute personal intro and fifteen minutes of grilling. I just felt like they didn’t see me as the right candidate, then at least. Interviewer just seemed hurried and wanted to get it done with. The other person with him seemed disinterested.

At the point it was just mostly one way, he asked and I answered.

I then decided to take charge. I started asking instead. I asked about the product, the position, the people. And I got him to talk. The person with him was also engaged. This seemed much more conversational. Went on for 30 more minutes.

I’m not desperate for the job but did I just save my chances of being offered the position? If it was a no at 15 mins could it be changed to a yes at 45 mins?

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