Final round interview completed. Thoughts?

I had 4 rounds at this top company.

They went as follows:

  1. Phone screen with Hiring Manager (she loved me, it lasted 10 min, she asked me to come in for an in person)

  2. In person with hiring manger (she said I was perfect, wanted me to meet the rest of the team)

  3. In person with hiring manager’s boss and VP of team (the boss loved me, the VP grilled me like a fish)

  4. Two months later I met over the phone with a international team member, and then one in person with another team member (over the phone was neutral, in person I got grilled again)

The final team member who grilled the hell out of me ended the interview with “what my timeline for this job is”. This job is a higher level position than I’m normally used to, so getting grilled by Directors isn’t something I’m used to. Any thoughts on how I did? I’m guessing that my odds are pretty low.

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