Jan 25, How do I encourage my Dad to get out of the house?

Hi there,

I’d love some advice. My father has been retired for more than 10 years. He’s spent most of that time doing, well, not much. Watches TV, plays video games on his computer. Runs errands. He hasn’t taken up any hobbies, jobs, volunteer work, nada. This has worried me, but he seemed…not exactly happy, sometimes he seemed bored, but doing what he wanted. His health is okay–he’s perfectly capable, physically, of getting out of the house.

Lately he seems really preoccupied with his ex-wife’s screwed up extended family. There’s a new strange story every time we talk. That’s his entertainment. His only company (I live across the country) is one of the ex-wife’s granddaughters, who comes over and does chores for a little bit of money. She also borrows money from my Dad and has brought over boyfriends who have stolen from him. That’s why I’m more worried now. I feel like if he could find other ways to occupy his time, he’d be less interested in these crazy people.

How do I encourage him to get out of the house without him getting defensive? He’s stubborn. I’ve already sent him the calendar of his local senior center, which has loads of great classes and activities, and he said no thanks.

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