Moms who work full time and take care of a baby full time, what’s your secret?

LO is 9 months old. I’ve been back to work for 6 months. I work full time overnight and spend all day with LO. Husband works full time during the day. We’ve had our ups and downs with this set up, but I really do love being with LO during the day and not missing anything. However, with LO being this age, daytime napping has seriously decreased and I know it’s not going to increase from here. My mental and physical health has taken a serious toll from not being able to sleep more than 2 hours at a time, usually closer to 45 minutes to an hour, because I sleep when LO does. I feel like I’m stuck between totally losing it, going part time, and sending LO to daycare. Part time and daycare will have the same financial impact, so I’d rather it be me home with LO during the day, choosing between the two. At the same time, I have a lot of guilt because sometimes I really feel like I could use a break here and there and do some things by myself.

Before I make any huge decisions, am I doing something wrong? Is there some secret way to be working and mom-ing that I’m missing? I feel like I’m trying so hard and maybe I’m just not doing it right.

Any advice appreciated!

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