How Retirees Can Negotiate Drug Prices

Not really. Prescription coverage is part of my gov’t retirement benefit. Of course it is contracted to an insurer. Every year they seem to change, and I receive a letter detailing the “new” deal and why it is so much better, along with a five pound formulary book. Bullshit – I have been retired 10 years and the “plan” gets worse and more expensive every year. One medication had a 90 day supply copay of $50 at a national chain pharmacy. Suddenly with NO notice it went to $200. After endless waits with bad music on hold I talked t a plan representative. Seems that if I go to a “preferred provider” the copay is $40.

Well and good. I am grateful for my benefit, but dislike the bullshit that accompanies it. Any fool knows that when the provider negotiates for a “better deal” cost is the main factor. I am tired of being jacked around every year. Now I drive 30 miles each way to a “preferred provider”. Add two gallons of gas to my copay bill.

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