Jan 9, Top Nanny Interview Questions & Answers

Be prepared for these frequently asked nanny interview questions.

These questions explore your nanny skills, experience and competencies. The sample interview answers show you how to prepare responses that impress the potential employer.

Whether you are applying for a live-in nanny job or looking for a live-out nanny placement these questions are commonly asked for nanny positions.

Generally this will be the first question asked in your nanny job interview.

Tell me about yourself

Avoid going into every detail about your life, give only relevant information.

Focus on your experience, your skills, your interests and your strengths as they relate to this particular nanny job. Get as much as information about the nanny job before your interview so that you can make your answers relevant.

Why did you choose to become a nanny?

Your answer to these type of nanny interview questions should show a sincere love and interest of children. Your commitment is essential to an employer.

List what you find rewarding about being a nanny – the fun you have with the children, the opportunity to be imaginative and creative, the variety offered by the job, helping children grow, explore and learn about life, the positive responses and appreciation you receive from a child.

What childcare qualifications do you have?

Other than formal qualifications most parents are looking for a nanny with successful experience in childcare. Even if you do not have actual formal nanny experience, parents may be keen to hire you if you have significant childcare experience, either in your own family, or at a previous job where you worked with children such as a teacher or daycare employee.

It is important to demonstrate your knowledge and interest in child development and your understanding of child behavior

What do you think is the most important aspect of a nanny job?

Each family and nanny job is different but use your experience to formulate a good answer to these sort of nanny interview questions. Start by saying,“My experience as a nanny has shown me that there are a number of essential aspects……”.

Refer to aspects such as developing a sense of trust, showing understanding and patience, respecting the family, forming a bond, consistently promoting the child’s development and well being and showing high standards of professional conduct with the family.

What do you consider to be the qualities that children like and respond to in you?

Refer to qualities such as your genuine interest in and love for children, high levels of energy, creativity, nurturing, sensitivity to the varying needs and demands of children, a good sense of humor, patience and understanding and your ability to communicate appropriately with different ages.

Provide examples to support your interview answer from your previous nanny jobs such as creative projects you did together, the sports you played with the children, your patience in teaching the child a new skill.

What did you enjoy most about your previous nanny jobs?

Your answer should focus on your relationships with the children and family and the rewards inherent in that. The children are the reason you are there and children are why you chose to be a nanny! Provide specific examples of the success and rewards of the relationship.

What did you dislike about your previous nanny job?

Avoid bad mouthing previous employers. Focus on issues with the position itself such as very long hours. Describe problems in an objective way such as a lack of communication, misunderstanding of expectations or poor parental reinforcement. Describe what you have learned from the experience.

What sort of activities did you do with the children in your care?

List the activities and then expand on why you chose these particular activities and how the children responded to them.

Why do you think you are well suited to this nanny job?

Expect nanny interview questions that explore why you think you are the right nanny job candidate. Each family has different requirements and expectations. A good match is what the employer is looking for.

There are some qualities that all families look for in a nanny. These include trustworthiness, reliability, flexibility, ability to work independently, adaptability, common sense, compassion, understanding and patience and good communication skills.

Go beyond this and look at the particular nanny job you are interviewing for. Does it require you to look after a number of children? Then point out your ability to multitask and organize successfully. The job may require a lot of physical interaction with the children, refer to your energy and enthusiasm for sports.

What do you consider are the major challenges of a nanny job?

Probably the biggest challenge in your average nanny job is having to adapt to different people with different needs and requirements in new environments.

The ability to form a bond and develop trust with diverse people is essential. This includes having to care for children that all respond differently. Learning how to deal with each child and parent in the most effective way possible for their individual personalities is a definite challenge.

What are your personal child-rearing philosophies?

It is important for your answer to demonstrate a respect for the family’s child raising beliefs and values and the ability to be flexible in your child care approach according to this. A rigid personal philosophy can only lead to problems.

Focus on how you are constantly learning about child-rearing.

Expect straightforward nanny interview questions like:

What tasks did you have to perform in your previous job aside from childcare?

  • Tell me about a typical day in your previous nanny job?
  • How long have you been driving? What sort of driving were you required to do in your previous position?
  • What sort of food have you prepared for children?
  • What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

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Excellent tips for successful nanny interviews.

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