Up at 4am covered in mucus. Wouldn’t change a thing.

I work security In a hospital and spend majority of my time in the ER. My husband jokes that I am the carrier of diseases. Well, I think he’s on to something. My Little man is only 5.5 months and already has his second cold…..what’s worse, he’s also cutting his first tooth. This little guy is so miserable at the moment.

Since I work weekends and my husband does not, we have this unspoken arrangement. When the baby cries in the middle of the night I wake up and care for him and In the morning, my husband let’s me sleep in a little bit. The thing is I work swing shift and don’t get home until close to midnight and fall asleep around 1:30am.

Here I am at 4am rocking my mucus filled baby back to sleep. I have already changed my shirt 4 times since 3:30am due to coughed up mucus and all I want to do is make my little man feel better. I will gladly go through another 4 shirts if it means my little man can breathe and help him feel better. He just fell asleep, and I am just enjoying my cuddle time too much to put him down quite yet.

All of this to say, All you working mommas! No matter your situations or arrangements, you are doing an amazing job. Your kiddo may not be old enough to see your sacrifices and love, but they can definitely feel it! You are the real MVPs! All mom’s (and dad’s) are.

Sorry for any typing errors, I am not wearing my glasses. Haha

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