Daycare inspection comparisons

When we started looking for daycare for our kids I found it quite difficult to gauge how safe the daycares were. Usually, there’s info about inspections and citations on the state health department websites, but it’s quite hard to navigate and compare with other daycares.

I’m trying to gather this public information but display it a bit more meaningfully so it’s easier to see how safe daycares are around my area. Hoping it would be helpful especially for smaller home cares where it’s difficult to find reviews online.

Do you think this could be helpful for searching daycares in your area? Sharing a screenshot for more info…

EDIT: Thank you all for the comments! If there’s anyone that would be willing to try out the beta version of this website when it’s ready, I would be all ears from folks that are willing to share their thoughts. If you would be willing to take a look please let me know via DM and I can send you a DM when it’s ready. Planning on focusing on TX, CA states for now, so if you’re from that area even better, but even if not, I would appreciate feedback from anyone that would be willing to take a look!

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