5 Important Things You Should Know Before Buying A Home

For those who bought homes in the past, buying a home might not be a herculean task because they must have understood the terms, conditions and requirements for getting a deal done. However, the case is always different for new buyers because for the first time, they may have to undergo a long bidding war as well as other demanding procedures.

When we bought our first home back in 2000 we had no clue about buying a home. We went back and forth with the realtor because they needed this document or that document. Instead of being excited to be a new home owner I was frustrated by the time we closed and almost in tears.

But that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

5 Important Things You Should Know Before Buying A Home

If you’re a prospective home buyer with little or no knowledge of what buying a home seems like, below are the 5 important things you should consider before buying a home to ensure you don’t get frustrated in the long run – like your truly.

You Need to Check Out A Variety of Options before Making a Choice

The are several steps to buying a home and one of them is checking out a variety of homes. You shouldn’t assume the first option you come across is the best home you can find for your budget or liking.

There just might be other affordable homes out there that will wow you. And if you think the first home you stumble on is great for you but quite above what you can afford, don’t give up yet. Check out as many other options as you can. You could end up getting a better home at a lower rate.

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buying a home

Don’t Use Up All Your Savings On Buying the Home

This is one important thing you should consider most especially if you’re buying a home for the first time. No matter how new and well-furnished the home you’re buying is, you’ll still need to carry out essential expenses after the purchase.

Make sure to put aside a sufficient part of your savings for unavoidable expenses. Last minute expenses such as consulting your electrician might come up before closing the dea. In another situation, you may need your plumber to correct plumbing defects or give important suggestions.

And ladies, you know we have to have new furniture!

Your Financial Records Will Be Requested For

This is what dragged out the buying process for us.

While working to get a deal done, the other party –meaning the seller or bank –may ask you to provide some paperwork. This may include important personal and professional documents like check stubs. So have your financial records in order and ready to provide when asked for.

This is part of buying a house, understand that this is part of the long-winded process  that will be carried out before a deal can be made.

It’s also important to try to settle all your financial issues including existing debts. If you have outstanding debt it might affect you particularly when your financial records are being reviewed.

And quite frankly, having good financial records can be a great step towards getting a deal approved for your dream home.

Work With A Realtor

It would be ridiculous to dabble into a deal without the assistance of an expert realtor.

A realtor shows you a variety of house listings and gives recommendations about what should suit you. However, there is more to what a realtor does. They address technical issues and needed repairs that can prevent you from being short-changed. And they might even negotiate slashing the seller’s asking price.

Without the help of a professional realtor, it will be challenging to close the deal on a new home purchase.

Seller Might Not Give Detailed Information about the Standards of the Home

In any attempt to buy a home, never believe all that the seller has told you about the home is true. It’s common for unfaithful sellers to conceal important things about the home, its framework and its environmental standards.

Perhaps, you’d like to know if the certain structures such as pillars, deck, floors and walls were built with quality materials.

However, the seller might not reveal this. So to be on a safe side, you could request that an inspection be done on the home. It’s just an extra precaution to make sure everything is okay.

Still, you shouldn’t be discouraged by the little money it will cost you for extra repairs. In the end it’s totally worth it if it means buying the home of your dreams!

Happy house hunting!


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