18 Places To Find Work From Home Courthouse Researcher Jobs

Updated July 17, 2018

As more people look for opportunities to work from home the more opportunities they’ll find like courthouse researcher jobs.

And the number of companies or law firms who work with independent courthouse researchers continues to grow.

What exactly does a courthouse researcher do?

Simply put, a researcher searches through public documents or other online resources for information such as tax liens, foreclosures, lawsuits and civil records for a company or law firm.

You might hired to do research for a law firm to search for ticket information for a client fighting a citation. Or you may work for a company to perform background checks for their new hires.

Skills and Characteristics

They are certain skills and characteristic you need to succeed in this field. For instance, you should have excellent communication skills, be organized and a great problem-solver. They also want someone who can work on their own without having a supervisor around.

And this is very important…you should know your way around your city and surrounding areas. You should be familiar ith the locations of your  local courthouse and other public places like the vital statistics office.

Regarding your level of education, some companies are okay with a high school diploma but others might prefer an Associate’s degree.

18 Places To Find Work From Home Courthouse Researcher Jobs

The companies listed below hire courthouse researchers. Some companies may hire you as an employee while others may prefer to hire you as an independent researcher.

Like with any other work-from-home opportunity, please be sure to read the requirements carefully to be certain this is the type of work for you.

For example, keep in mind you may be driving to courthouses or other places in your city and surrounding areas so make sure you know exactly how far you’re expected to drive and how often before accepting a position with a company or law firm.

Advance Background Check

Background Profiles

Castle Branch

Deed Collectors

Find an Heir

Information Technologies, Inc.

IT-Boss Research

First National Acceptance Company

JBS Court Research Services

MailCo Productions

Neal R. Gross & Co.

Omni Data Retrieval

One Legal Online Court Services


Pro Data Research

Sentinel Data Retrieval

Sunlark Research

Wolfgang Research

Another way to find work as a freelance courthouse researcher is by registering on the NARAs (National Archives and Records Administration) Researchers For Hire directory as an independent researcher. Click here for more details and application form.

Tools You Can Use

In order to be a productive researcher, there are some tools you can use.

If you’re doing work from a desktop, you should have high speed internet and software like Microsoft Office. Your PC should also have an antivirus protection installed.  And you should have a device that will allow you to work while on the go like a laptop or smartphone.

If you don’t have much research experience other than researching the web, you should take time to become familiar with common research databases since they will be the main tools you’ll work with.

Some of the most common ones is ProQuestWestLaw and OCLC but the Michael Schwartz Library put together an alphabetical list of research databases that describes what to find and how to use them.

You can also checkout the Association of Independent Information Professionals website for more researcher resources.

Become Your Own Boss

Transitioning from employee/contractor is easy. Follow the steps you would to start your own home-based business and a Paypal or other means so clients can pay you. Speaking of getting paid…

courthouse researcher jobs

How A Courthouse Researcher Gets Paid

I’m sure you’re wondering how a courthouse researcher gets paid. If you decide to work for a company your pay rate will depend on whether your employer will pay you by the hour, by project or by document.

As a freelancer or running your own business, you get to negotiate how you want to get paid for your services. You can also be compensated for mileage and other travel expenses.

Over To You

So there you have it. Those are the places to find legit work from home courthouse researchers jobs. I sure hope you found this post helpful.

If you know anyone who may be a fit for this type of work, please share this post with them.


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